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Solo album PARMU PILL with Estonian traditional jaws harp music is out. In the booklet accompanying to the CD, Valentina and I decided to reprint a photo of Dezhit Tozhu, a woman shaman from southwestern Tuva. The photo was taken by Sev’yan Izrailevich Vainshtein (1926-2008) a famous Russian ethnographer, archaeologist and historian, during his expedition in 1983 (Вайнштейн, 1991: 255). It really was a precious evidence of the use of the iron Jew’s harp as the tool used during the kamlanie — shamanic ceremony. But we couldn’t include the sound of the Jew’s harp played by any shaman in our CD, as we had no chance to record it.
The instrument is known in many different cultures by many different names. The common English name « Jew’s harp » may be considered controversial or potentially misleading, and is thus avoided by some speakers. Another name used to identify the instrument, especially in scholarly literature, is the older English trump, while guimbarde, the French word for the instrument, can be found in unabridged dictionaries and is featured in recent revival efforts.MM How To Play The Trump (Jew's Harp) v20012522
De ‘Koshi’ windgong is een echt muziekinstrument, een originele creatie van hoge kwaliteit. Elke Koshi chime is handgemaakt aan de voet van de Pyreneën en is het resultaat van nauwgezet vakmanschap. Acht staafjes zijn met zilver aan een metalen plaat gelast aan de onderkant van de resonantie buis. Nauwkeurig afgestemd ontstaat een spel van heldere, boventoonrijke tonen. De boventonen van de kortere staafjes gaan geleidelijk aan overheersen en worden zo de grondtoon. Koshi wind chimes zijn verkrijgbaar in vier melodieën (Terra, Aqua, Aria & Ignis). Iedere chime heeft een specifieke magische klankkleur en kan samen met de andere types bespeeld worden. De klankbuis bestaat uit bamboefineer en is behandeld met natuurlijke olie. Breng de gong voorzichtig aan zijn touwtje in beweging, of laat het opgehangen aan het plafond, een muur of een tak met de wind spelen. Een kristalhelder ontspannend geluid zal u snel betoveren.v20012529
In Yakutia (Sakha Republic) khomus (Jew’s harp) was and remains a major musical and spiritual tool, and the tradition of making khomuses passed directly from one generation to another, without interruption since ancient times. The skill of khomus (jew’s harp) forging is revered above art of shaman and higher then tribe’s leader skill, beyond any craftsman or hunter. But it is believed that the Master knows and all that.v20012524
to playing on a (small and cheap) masterwork, a thing that will please and surprise a lot of experienced players. My personal experience is that most of them are very good, some even excellent. But other people have noticed that some are mediocre or even poor. All the lamellas were hammered by this man himself.
The artist creates music filled with the breath of the wild nature of the Far North. Masterfully performing in several manners of throat singing and playing the traditional Yakut khomus (Jew’s harp), Olena imitates the voices of birds and animals, various sounds of nature, combining them with archaic and modern electronic music.v20012539
Find a comfortable pluck. Some Jew’s harpist use their index finger to pluck while others use their whole hands. Figure out what is comfortable for you. Try plucking a rhythm and repeat that rhythm. This will help you develop your comfortability with plucking.
Wouldn’t exactly claim to be a fan but I inherited a jew’s harp track with Sandy Dillon (the previous occupant of my role in the band having laid down a great part on one of her albums which I never felt I could improve on with any of my kit). Sounds great through the PA with a bit of reverb- been experimenting with hand cupping techniques, as used for my blues harps, to give a sounding box for it.
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