Accueil Non classé Music Of The Magindanao In The Philippines (1955, Vinyl)

Music Of The Magindanao In The Philippines (1955, Vinyl)

Ever heard of a kubing before? According to the stories, at the time all of the lads had not only a pocket knife of their trouser pocket, but also a Jaw Harp. They played this with their beloved at the window. The ladies could not resist the erotic sound of the Jaw Harp and opened the windows. At that time many single kids had been born. Because of this, in 1856 the Catholic Church, which had nice power, forbade play with the Jaw Harp at the window below the threat of severe punishment. Nonetheless, this ban lasted solely 2 years.Music Of The Magindanao In The Philippines (1955, Vinyl) v20012529
Most likely one of the legendary non-conformistic Jew’s harp-makers in Austria through the 20th century. He also has recognized the old-time labour of (arduous-working) Jew’s harp manufacturing in Molln as it was for a lot of centuries. When the machines took over the handicraft of the Jew’s harp maker, Franz Bernцgger stopped his work perpetually. For him it was important to make the perfect Jew’s harps by handwork with out being too expensive.v20012515
Three of the Jew’s harps – also known as jaw or mouth harps – from the primary web site were half-completed. And despite the fact that aficionados of the Jew’s harp are aware that in most of the world,-even perhaps most particularly in Europe – the instrument has been revered, not reviled, the actual fact stays that perceptions will be as important as truth.v20012506
This movie shows footage of an electric automobile in operation. The owner describes how the automobile works and contests that electrical cars are better for the environment and more energy-environment friendly than vehicles that function on inner combustion engines. The movie has further footage of an MG vehicle show at Wakulla Springs park. Several drivers take part in a blindfolded driving competitors. Produced by WFSU-TV.v20012502
The 48th Annual Florida State Honest consists of the Gasparilla Pirate Celebration in which males costume as pirates and sail into Tampa Bay. Parades, circus acts, produce shows, industry shows and livestock shows from everywhere in the state are proven. Viewers see a automobile race and automotive stunts. The film also exhibits « Negro Day » with marching bands, monitor occasions and the presentation of the « Outstanding Negro of the Year Award. » The 4-H Membership is shown and Florida Secretary of Agriculture Nathan Mayo presents awards. Future Homemakers are shown making cookies. Cigar making is proven and a human cannonball flies. An underwater kitchen incorporates a mermaid housewife. A parade options many floats and costumes. This is a wonderful Kodachrome movie. Produced by Ball Productions of Miami ; sponsored by the Florida State Advertising Fee and the Florida State Honest and Gasparilla Association.
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